Persian Rug Repair Malibu

We have served Persian rug repair needs of our clients in Malibu since 1980. Call and bring your rugs in for inspection and advice or we’ll schedule a pick up from you.

All handmade rugs are valuable works of art. Rugs, whether antique, collectible, family heirloom or new, ought to be cared for and maintained when in use. We recommend following the maintenance and conservation suggestions outlined in our RUG CARE section to maintain your rugs in good condition.

But accidents can happen and some cause damage. When damaged, it is advisable to repair the rug sooner than later and avoid risk of further loss. Our knowledgeable rug weavers will inspect your rug and consult with you for  maintenance, repair and restoration options.

There is no project too small or too extensive. And over the years we have repaired all types of handmade and machine made area rugs — Oriental, Persian, Navajo, mechanical and other. See few sample Before and After images of previous rug repairs by clicking the link at end of this page.

When evaluating a rug for repairs, we carefully:

  • Examine your rug thoroughly to determine if Oriental rug cleaning is beneficial or necessary. See RUG CLEANING section.
  • Inspect your rug to determine the appropriate repair options.

The best repairs are done by rug weavers who specialize in a rug’s particular type of weaving. No repair specialist can do the best possible for every kind of handmade rug. For every restoration project, small or large, we take care in applying the following steps:

  • Assign the project to a specialist for the rug’s particular type of weaving.
  • Maintain both the artistic and technical aspects of the rug repair process.
  • Use materials and techniques that best replicate the original structure and foundation of the rug.
  • Use dyed yarns that best blend with the restored area’s surroundings.

Rest assured; your valued handmade rug is in good hands at Antique Rug Co.[/one_half]
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